“The Burroughs,” located on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock, has been a cornerstone of the Black Rock and West End Bridgeport communities for over a century.

Built in 1903, it originally served the needs of our city as a home for single women working in local factories. Over time community needs changed and Burroughs become supportive housing for elderly women.

In 1995, when there was little demand in our community for this type of housing, a group of area residents raised funds to purchase and begin renovating the beautiful historic building to create the Burroughs Community Center.

The community soon identified activities for school age children were a growing priority.  As a result, Burroughs partnered with the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club to establish the Wakeman Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse in 2011 located next door to the Burroughs Community Center.

With our deep community roots and with a successful history of strengthening Bridgeport, Burroughs will continue to evolve, grow to overcome barriers of our community’s success.